"Proper Protection Plus" is our new Insurance News broadcast, featuring information that can help you better protect your family for the future. With factual client cases, and updated statistics; this new one-hour live broadcast has the ability to dispell myths and provide clarity in regards to your family's Life, Auto, & Home Insurance protection.


The Financial Needs Analysis

Ep: 02121510

Importance of Life Ins

Ep: 02121509

Basics of Flood Insurance

Ep: 09151401

Flood Insurance Regulations

Ep: 10081402

Home Insurance & Liability

Ep: 10271403

Theft, Vandalism, & Home Ins

Ep: 11101404

Wear & Tear Home Items

Ep: 12021405

Saving Money on Home Ins

Ep: 12041406

Auto Ins Terminology

Ep: 01021507

New Vehicle Premiums

Ep: 01021508

NV State Auto Ins Minimums

Ep: 04021512

Importance of Driving History

Ep: 04011511

Term Life Insurance

Ep: 04261513