Protecting Your Home.

Protecting your home may be easier sad than done. In a country where your home may be in threat from more than just criminal activity and accidents; but rather everything from Hurricanes, to Volcanoes, Tornados, or Earthquakes, Fires, Landslides, Avalanches, and more... Home Insurance is the only "protection" we as home owners, or renters, have. It's the security in knowing that, in the event that something unforseen does occur, your future is protected.


Did You Know???

  • According to FEMA, over 50% of Homes in High-Risk Areas are actually Uninsured.

  • Your Home Insurance Coverage Amount should be equal to the Cost it would take to Rebuild the Home...Not the Purchase Price.


  • It's Important to Infrom your Insurance Agent of any Remodelling, Additions, or Improvements made to your Home; as they can affect the Value, possibly leaving you Underinsured.